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As of January 1, 2007, the law has changed!

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     What shape is your wiring in?

Electrical Safety

Worried about what Problems are lurking in the ELECTRICAL wiring of the aging rental buildings you manage?

"Electrical Safety & Fire Hazards-Shock and Death- VIOLATIONS-LIABILTY"

Do these conditions WORRY you?

Are electrical EMERGENCIES and troubles cropping up more?

Do you KNOW what the electrical condition is of your buildings?


Here's the SOLUTION

Electrical Audit and Corrections Service

What are some of the Benefits?

  • Decisions for work can be based on actual data and in order of priority

  • Program for repair and replacement can be scheduled & put on budget

  • No more costly emergency electrical issues

  • Final Reports provide a dated record of electrical conditions

  • Reports provide Owners/ Boards/ Managers with substantial proof of value

  • Safety & Fire Hazards identified and conrrected

  • Liability concerns and issues removed / reduced

  • Reports excellent for Insurance, Mortgage, and Real Estate purposes

What are some things we look for, find, and report on?

  • All Safety, Fire, & Shock Hazards, Violations

  • Signs of burning, melting and over-heating on wire, insulation & devices

  • Older fixtures, plugs, switches;; aging, breaking down; tampered with

  • Grounding issues; illegal wiring; Reversed Polarity issues

  • Broken, missing parts, plates, hardware devices

Imagine the 'peace of mind' of tenants & management after the Audit & Corrections were recently completed this building...

An 8-floor, 61 unit , 35 year old apartment building in Niagara Falls. We checked over 1,685 devices; changed 657 plugs/switches and 18 fixtures; installed 66 GFIs, 58 stove plugs/receptacles. We found and corrected;

  • 138 Fire Hazards

  • 605 Safety Hazards

  • 30 Violations & Illegal Wiring

Complete, detailed reports per unit and statistical data summaries provided to Management


No cost or obilgation- Call or e-mail us to meet with you and discuss the benefits of conductinf an Electrical Audit service on the building you manage & see the sample reports. We can also discuss the possibility and potential of installing 'Suite Meters'


We are an ECRA/ESA licensed Electrical Contractor serving the Niagara area.

O. S. ELECTRIC (905)228-3055 www.oselectric.ca

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